“stupid fucking tv show” we all say as we continue to dedicate a whole blog to it

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PLL Rewatch: Moments Later [1x11]

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This needs no caption. It’s too easy… @ianmharding #setlife

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do you ever get a weird crush on someone that’s not even attractive but you’re just attracted to them and you don’t know why

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are you from tennessee because your the only te

nnis player in the world congratulations

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i would be more into 50 shades of grey if it were actually about

  • the history of black and white film
  • trying to find the perfect lampshade for your monochromatic living room
  • a very elaborate knitting project
  • a guy name grey with 50 pairs of sunglasses

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the only thing tumblr has taught me is that im annoying

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Anonymous asked:
idk but i find the main pll ships so boring... like they all got together during season 1 and now we're in season 5 and it's all the same. Some of them have problems but they go back to normal 3 episodes later. The problems the couples have are forgotten easily. Did he stalked you and lied to you? Did she break your trust? Did he make you end up in Radley? did he leave without reason and is making you drink? doesn't matter, in 3 episodes you'll be together again without even talking about it!


pretty much. same old same old

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i took too many selfies in the church in florence omg


Hahahahahha!!!!! 😂

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